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Labeling Services

Labeling Services

As part of our value added services to our customers, we provide labeling services to corporations who wish to produce/market RO water under their own brand name or a fictional name.

Under this service, customers will be able to:
1. Customize the label's theme (ie.colour, font type/size). The costing of the label will heavily depend on the number of colours chosen to print it.
2. Print the company's logo/image/slogan on the label.

However, in compliance with Government regulations, certain details on the label cannot be customized and must appear printed on the label:
a) Manufacturing address
b) License No.
c) Ingredients
d) Nutrition Breakdown

Please contact us for further details.

Label Examples (From our current production line):

Brand Name: K1
Brand Name: Green Leaf
Brand Name: Cap Bendi
Brand Name: Pearl
Brand Name: Nemo
Brand Name: Ori
Brand Name: Lucky Day
Brand Name: Tunas Manja
Brand Name: Goodness
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