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Waterworld Network Sdn. Bhd. started its operation in 2005. The company produces reverse osmosis (R.O.) & Alkaline drinking water which comes in various packaging of 500ml, 600ml, 1.5 litre and 5.0 gallon. Our product range includes famous brands such as Lucky Day, Fine Day and K1. Besides that, we also produce R.O. water for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who use their own brand name such as Holiday Villa, Tunas Manja, Hilton and Club Med. Our company is currently awating approval for the "Halal" certification from the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.

Waterworld Network Sdn. Bhd. uses state of the art water treatment technology to produce highly clean, pure and safe drinking water. All of our products are carefully controlled and monitored to ensure only high quality water are produced before it is introduced to the market. Our products are assembled locally at our production centre and packed by our very own skilled workforce. Finished products are then marketed by our team of experienced sales personnel.

Besides profiting from R.O. & Alkaline water production, parts of the company profit is derived from our bottle manufacturing line. Early stage, our company purchased bottles from other companies to pack our brand of R.O. water. However, due to the rapid expansion and encouraging trends in the market, our company has recently invested a large sum of money in purchasing new bottle-making machines. Apart from that, we have also invested a lot to expand our production facilities in order to meet and surpass our customer needs. The bottles that are used in our production line are made of polyethylene terephatalate (PET), a high quality material that does not leave a plastic taste in the water, leaving the water in their most purest condition.

Even though we relatively new in the market, but our company's vision is clear, that is to build a reputable company and establish it as one of the most preeminent R.O. & Alkaline drinking water manufacturer in the market.

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